Kuwait University - ELU/Science

Spring 2004 090/59

Instructor: Buthaina Al Othman

English 090 Final CALL Project - Spring 2004

Students' in-Class PowerPoint Presentations
A Real FUN Activity!
'Different Laws - Different Countries - Different Opinions'

Presentation (PPT)
Presentation (Video)

Group 1

(Left to right) Dalal, Eman, and Amna

Topic: Execution: Is it Fair or Unfair?, (pps)

Thank you girls for the "Gratitude Slide", : - )

Group 2

video clip, (3:48 sec)

Mariam, presenting her part, Anoud is getting ready, (Fatma, and Bashayer preferred not to appear in the picture)

Group 3


(L to R) Amna, Muneera, and Badriah

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