Kuwait University
ELU - Science_Summer 2004
ESP, EfS # 162s53
Instructor: Buthaina Al Othman

Week 0&1
EfS 162 Final Project

"A Final Research Paper Presentation"

Final Papers with Detailed outline and Presentations are due on July 27, 2004

What are we going to do this week?

  • 1) Join our 162 Yahoo! Group and then POST a short Paragraph to introduce yourself.
  • 2) Create your Homework Folder where you will upload and save your writing assignments, during this course and name it. E.g. Sara's Work.
  • 3) Choose a topic for your final term papers and presentations. ( Click on this activity to help you think of an interesting topic).
  • 4) Upload a brief description about your topic to your Folder at our 162 Yahoo! Group.
  • 5) Think of a thesis statement that directly and clearly states your argument or opinion, and then upload it to your Folder at our 162 Yahoo! Group.
  • 6) Create and publish your blog at Blogger.com. You are going to use your blog as your online journal or e-NoteBook.

    (This is a hands-on activity, which we'll do together, inside a c-lab).

  • 7) Remember that you are going to use your blog as your electronic notebook to save information, images, and material you need to use later to write your term paper. (Remember to add the Internet reference or source of information on your blog; you need to do that to avoid Plagiarism, which can put you in serious trouble!
  • 9) Post and publish a short paragraph on your blog to introduce yourself and to describe the topic you are going to research and present by the end of the semester.


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