Fall 2003_162/53

Instructor: Buthaina Al Othman

Week 0 & 1

Final Project

"A Final Research Paper Presentation"

Final Papers & Detailed Outlines are due on December 27, 2003

Presentations are to begin on December 27 and ends on January 4, 2003

Main Activities
  • Activity 2:
    1. Sign in your blog using your user name and password.
    2. Then, click "Posts" to write a short self-introduction paragraph to publish as your first entry on your blog. (It is important to introduce yourself to your audience and other users of the WWW, in general, just as in any other hard copy publication, like a newspaper).
    3. Your self introductory paragraph should include some personal information; such as, your first name, age, college, major, favorite food & places, and hobbies.
    4. Then, you need to click "New Post" to write another paragraph.
    5. The second paragraph must include a statment on the purpose of your blog;i.e, (what are you going to use the blog for?). You also need to add a short description of the topic you are going to research.
    6. Send me,( the instructor), an email message, including the URL of your blog.
    7. If you need help,later, contact me online during my vOffice Hours

* Check the procedures page, all the time, to see if you are in the right track to avoid falling behind deadlines.

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