ELU/Science_Fall 2003 (Last updated: Fall 2004)

Instructor: Buthaina Al Othman

EfS 162
Final Project

"A Final Research Paper Presentation"
  • Phase (1): Before the Midterm Exam.
    • Choose a topic for your final research short paper.
    • Write a thesis statement.
    • Write a title for your final research paper.
    • Create a Blog , to use as your "online Notebook!"
    • Write a body pargraph. (Constructing the paragraph).
    • Search the Net to find information on your topic from reliable sources.
    • Paraphrase paragraphs from sources related to your topic, and then post them to your blog to use later.
    • Avoid plaigiarism! It's illegal and can put you in trouble!.
    • Create a detailed outline for your final short, research paper.
  • Phase (2): After the Midterm Exam.
    • Submit your final draft of a detailed outline of your final research paper.
    • Summarize all the gathered information posted to your blog using your summary writing skill.
    • Write the first draft of a short research paper, using the information paraphrased and summarized that are published on your blog.
    • Organize your final draft of a short research paper, using a 4-paragraph essay format.
    • Present your final paper online or in-class.
  • Students wish to present in-class need to learn how to create and use ANY of the following visual aids:
    1. PowerPoint-( ppt-template), using a laptop and a digital projector. (You can use my laptop and digital projector, just let me know in advance).
  • Students wish to present live online need to learn how to create and use ANY of the following web tools:
    1. PowerPoint-(pps- template)
    2. Website
    3. Weblog.

      Click here to see examples of students' websites from previous classes!

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