ELU - Faculty of Science

English for Science 162/4 Spring 2004
Instructor: Buthaina Al Othman

A 162/4 On-line Session Webcasted Live from Computer Lab # 2, at Khaldiyah Campus, Kuwait University

Wednesday, March 10, 2004 - 11:00 - 12:00 (Kuwait Time) - (8:00 - 9:00 am GMT)

The purpose of this session was 1) to test the technology from a regular c-lab at our institute and see if my students find it easy to use so that I can run my classes while I am away at TESOL2004, in Long Beach, CA, USA; 2) to test a plan I prepared, including some online lessons that I created for my students.

Actually, my students found the technology, Alado.net / Webheads, user-friendly, however, I was not able to run my classes later, due to the different time zones of Kuwait and Long Beach, which is about 11 hrs!

Click on a recording of our first 162/4 online C-Lab session to have an idea about how our session was done and things we need to avoid and consider next time we want to carry a similar vClass!

  • Names and images of students attended our first Virtual Classroom session:
No picture
Mohammed (Angel)
Faisal Hassan
Ali Alanzi
Mishari (barcalona)
M. Al Kanderi
No picture
No picture
Yousef (Judge)
M. Sayed
Faisal (Devil_Eye??!)
Hussain (quality_records)

Screen Shot 1: Waiting for My Students to join me at Alado.net / Webheads to start our first online session from home while my students were in computer lab # 2, at Khaldiyah campus.


Screen Shot 2: When I eventually managed to control the vclass and was about to start the online Activity, class time was up and students had to leave to go to their other classes, :-( (But I've learned a good lesson on what to do next time).

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