Kuwait University
ELU / Faculty of Science
ESP, EfS # 162s4
Moderator: Buthaina Al Othman
Week 3
Choosing Aspects & Forming Groups
(March 10 - 17)
  1. Click on Main topic and aspects of our final project.
  2. Organizing students in 4-5 groups, based on aspects of the main topic to be researched and presented by the end of the semester. (Presentaions are due on 5/15/2004 to 5/19/2004)
  3. Members of each group vote to choose a group leader.
  4. Each group creates a Group Discussion Board. (To create your groupboard, click on Groupboard , and then follow the instructions from there).
  5. Practice participating in a C-Lab session that I will run from my pc at home or that at my Room # 12, in the ELU of Science, using Alado.net/Webheads , (a virtual classroom).
  6. The purpose of this test is to see if we could carry our future online lessons, using the technology by Alado.net and possibilities of interviewing some members of the Kuwaiti Diving Team and some other important people who could present to provide useful information you need for your final research project.
  7. Click on: Archived recording of our Wednesday's Session at Alado.net/Webheads.

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