Kuwait University
ELU/Faculty of Science
ESP, EfS # 162s6
Instructor: Buthaina Al Othman

Week 0&1

(February 24 to March 2, 2004)
  • What are we going to do this week? (Tuesday, February 24 - Tuesday, March 2)
  1. Getting to know each other and taking pictures.
  2. Create and publish your blog, using Blogger.com . (This is a hands on activity, which we'll do together, inside a c-lab).
  3. If you were ABSENT on this day, you could USE the TUTORIAL on How to create a BLOG using Blogger, ( by Vance Stevens).
  4. Post and publish a message on your blog to introduce yourself and to tell us how you are going to use your blog.
  5. Remember that you are going to use your blog as an E-Notebook to save information and material you need to write your term paper. (See Examples of E-Notebooks by KU 162s5 or Blogs by UAE PI students, in Abu-Dhabi).
  6. Choose a topic. Each group will pick one or two aspects to research as a group main topic. See the list of aspects to decide.
  7. You can also use this (handout from a graphic organizer)* , it should help you get started.
  8. Post another message to your blog to announce the aspect you want to research and later present.
  9. Join our EfS 162 yahoo group, and then POST a short self-introduction message about your hobbies and your favorite things in life in general.
  10. Add the URL of your blog to LINKS area at 162 yahoo group.
  11. Share useful information with 162 yahoo group members.
  12. Building new knowledge.

* Source: The WriteSite


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©2004 Buthaina Al Othman