"A 10-Week In-Lab, In-Class, On-Line Workshop"

"How to Work in Groups to Write and Think Critically to Present a Class Final One Research Paper?"

EfS # 162 Section 4 Spring 2004

Instructor: Buthaina al-Othman


  • The 10-week Student-Writing Workshop, (February 24 - May 14) , will be carried in three different locations:
  • Objectives of the workshop were made by the class instructor, as a result of her earlier observation of previous previous classes she taught at Kuwait University. It was observed that most of her Kuwaiti students don't know how to practice some real-life skills; such as, team or group-work , critical thinking, and common sense to solve some academic or real life problems.
  • Students enrolled in ESP, EfS # 162 Section 4 are going to work in four (4) groups to research and investigate some aspects related to the Land and Water Environments in Kuwait, before and after Iraqi Invasion, in 1990.
  • During the 10-week workshop the five groups of students are going to work, collaboratively, on the following:
    1. Each group will design a detailed outline on one of the aspects on the main topic, provided by the class instructor.
    2. Each group will research an aspect, using conventioanl and online resources to collect needed information and material.
    3. Each group will write, an essay, using paraphrasing and summarizing skills learned during this course.
    4. Groups of students will work, collaboratively to combine their final esasys, using a logical order to produce and present a final one term paper.
  • In groups, students will give on-line or in-class presentations, during the last two weeks of the semester.

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