Weekly Schedule
Critique Writing

by Buthaina al-Othman
June - July

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Week 0 : Session 1 -EFI Virtual Classroom

To be announced soon

To be announced soon

  • Join EFI_Yahoo! Group
  • Create your blog
  • Paragraph writing - write a self-intro paragraph
  • Select a topic for your final project, (a Critique, based on an online or in-person interview)
  • Assignment: Use the BBC News, A-Z index page to help you select a topic

Week 1: Session 2 - EFI Virtual Classroom


  • Join Writing Academic Yahoo! Group to do the self-test & tutorial exercises
  • Think of and then write a thesis statement for your final critique; see this (link) about theses writing.
  • Assignment: Write a thesis statement and an outline for your final project.
  • Interview an expert or a specialist in a field related to your final topic.
Week 2: Session 3 - EFI Virtual Classroom


  • Reading & Writing Activity (2)
Week 3: Session 4 - EFI Virtual Classroom


  • A quiz on the listening Activity (3)
Week 4: Session 5 - EFI Virtual Classroom


  • Reading & Writing Activity (4)
Week 5: Session 6 - EFI Virtual Classroom


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