Types of Blended Teaching:

Which One Is Yours?

Week 5: Feb 13 - 19, 2006

By Guest-Speaker: Buthaina Al-Othman


During this week, I'm going to focus on three types of blended learning and teaching approaches which I used in three different learning environments.

Type (1):

The first type is a pure online blended approach, implemented in a 5-week EAP course that was created for EFL/ESL/ESP Study.com learners, in the summer of 2004.

Please have a look at the 5-week EAP course at:
< https://alothman-b.tripod.com/online_writingcourse_efi.htm >. We can start our discussion with how to improve and what to avoid when doing a similar project.

Type (2):

The second type is a blended face-to-face and online approach, implemented in my EFL and ESP classes at Kuwait University. Please have a look at:

< https://alothman-b.tripod.com/090_previousclasses.htm > and
< https://alothman-b.tripod.com/content-efs_162.htm >

I am going to concentrate on one example that is a 10-week face-to-face and online writing workshop created for my EfS 162 class in the College of Science at Kuwait University, in Spring 2004.

Please have a look at the 10-week face-to-face and online Writing program at:
< https://alothman-b.tripod.com/162student_workshop.htm >, so that we can start the second part of our discussion, comparing the two different learning and teaching situations, types (1) and (2) in order to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of each of them and things we need to avoid or improve should we need to start similar activities.

Please note that we are to meet live online on Wednesday, February 15, at 16:00-17:00 GMT, in Webheads Virtual Office at LearningTimes.org:
< http://home.learningtimes.net/learningtimes?go=273662 >.

Dr. Elizabeth Hanson-Smith, the owner and head-moderator of
< http://groups.yahoo.com/group/academic_writing/ > will be my Guest-Presenter on the live online session to answer your questions on teaching writing / reading / speaking/ listening online, providing more tips for online teachers.

Elizabeth's Handout on USING THE WEB FOR ORAL SKILLS AND WRITING for EVO Tips & Tricks and Oral Skills & Technology

The audio recording of the above completetd live online session can be found at:

< http://home.learningtimes.net/learningtimes?go=1124928>

Type (3):

The third type is a blended online and a multiple venue approach, implemented in a 2-week project, created for EFL learners in Argentina and Kuwait, aiming to improve their listening, writing, and speaking skills. This third type can also be called, a "Web.2" approach, where some of the Web.2 networking software like blogger.com, flickr.com, skype, and webcasts were integrated providing a more effective learning environment.

Kindly have a look at the "Skype WorldBridges" project at:
< https://alothman-b.tripod.com/skypeproject_portal.htm >

Please note that our second live online meeting is on Friday, February 17, at 18:00-19:00 GMT, at WorldBridges:

< http://worldbridges.com/livewire/ >.

Jeff Lebow, the owner and manager of WorldBridges.com, will be my Guest-Presenter to talk about the technology of webcasting in general, providing tips for online teachers on how to start their own Webcast projects or Courses via WorldBridges Moodle.

Here is a link to some simple instructions on how to Skype Worldbridges

< https://alothman-b.tripod.com/skypeworldbridges.htm >

I look forward to having a fruiteful, exciting, and fun discussion with all of you throughout this week.

Best regards,

Buthaina al-Othman
Guest-Speaker- Tips & Tricks EVO session - Week 5

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