Blended Face-to-Face & Online Session for ESP in EFL

Six-Week Business English Program for Gulf Bank Branch Managers

April 16- May 25, 2006


Course Description

This is a Blended, Face-to-Face and online, English for Specific Purposes, (ESP) Program for Business English, designed for Gulf Bank, (GB) Branch Managers aiming to improve their business communication skills in the workplace. There are two main communication modes throughout this course: the face-to-face mode, which will occur inside a computer-lab, and the virtual mode that will happen live online through a virtual classroom by Elluminate Live! This program encourages independent learning and collaborative work through a project-based approach of teaching and learning. For this purpose, various synchronous and asynchronous social software and Computer Mediated Communication, (CMC) media are to be incorporated for participants to create their own webpresence, during hands-on activities.

Participants will build their own collaborative Community of Practice, (CoP) to explore, learn, and help each other practice different ways of communications, including Podcasting, Webcasting, Blogging, and Videoblogging. This course will also introduce the term and concept of Multiple Venue Presentation, (MVP), which will be practiced in week 6. At the end, (GB) Branch Managers complete building their (CoP) online and continue their innovative fun informal elearning experience, together.

Instructor / Facilitator: Buthaina Al-Othman - Contact information

Length of Course: This course begins April 16, 2006 and ends on May 25, 2006

Face-to-Face Classes: Saturday - Monday - Wednesday (6:00 - 8:00 PM)
Venue: The Arab Planning Institute (Awqaaf Room)

Virtual Classes: Sundays & Tuesdays (8:00 - 9:30 PM) - Thursdays (2:00 - 4:00 PM)
Virtual venue: (a link to our Elluminate vClass will be provided soon)

Other Synchronous and Asynchronous, (not in real time) communication runs throughout the course via various communications media.


  • Participants will learn how to use and utilize Internet technologies to practice oral and writing communication skills
  • Participants will improve their business writing ability for email, memos, and letters.
  • Participants will learn how to produce effective short reports (individual / group-writing)
  • Participants will develop self-confidence by communicating live online with Native English Speaker, (NES) professionals and educators from the USA and UK
  • Participants will improve their oral presentation skills using the innovative method of blended, local and remote MVPresentation.
  • Participants will build their collaborative learning community or network online to maintain and continue their independent learning experience started in this course

Week-by-Week Outline

Week One - April 16-20 - Guest Speaker(s): (TBA)

  • Session #1 - Getting to know one another, building our networking community, Study Skills
    • Sunday, April 16: Orientation: General introduction to the course Select topics for final group-Multiple Venue Presentations, (MVP)
      Introduce our virtual classroom, by Elluminate Live!
      Create your podcast channel at - Record and podcast your audio-message - Respond to each other's voice message
    • Monday, April 17: Create your Blog at
    Writing and posting entries to our blogs - Posting self-Introduction paragraphs - Skype conversation with Guest-Speaker(s)

Week Two - April 22-27 - Guest Speaker(s): (TBA)

  • Session #2 - Summary Report Writing
    • Saturday, April 22: Writing Summary Reports - Reading Skills: Skimming, Scanning, Reading between the Lines, Note-Taking, and Outlining, (see the handout)
    • Sunday, April 23: Practice Reading Skills and outlining from a Reading passage (Reading: What Makes a Great Manager - Critical thinking skills) - Start working on final projects: Working and writing in groups - Collaborative writing - Techniques and Format - Technology: Wiki - Whitesmoke)
    • Monday, April 24: Memo Writing - Format and Type - See an example - (Grammar) - Technology:
    • Tuesday, April 25: Practice writing and audio-recording an internal memo - Edit your memo, and then post and publish it to our class ODEO channel
    • Wednesday, April 26: Let's build our ODEO community - Connect / Network Exchanging text and voice messages - What is RSS? What is Tagging? Create your news aggregator. For example, Blogline is one of the popular ones that allows you to subscribe to your favorite website via RSS
    • Thursday, April 27: Writing and Editing Memos - Group-discussions - Compare / Contrast between E-mail and Voice Mail

Week Three - April 29-May 4 - Guest Speaker(s): (TBA)

  • Session #3 - Business Letter and Report Writing
    • Saturday, April 29: Business Letters - Purpose - Format - (Grammar - Vocabulary - Expressions) writing compliment, complaint, recommendation, and persuasive letters
      Job application Letters - Follow Up Letters and Calls - Resume (See Resources)
    • Sunday, April 30: Reporting / Narrating - Type - Format ( The concept of the 5Ws)
      Writing brief business reports - Webcasting news reports / stories - Participate in a public Webcast to broadcast your news report to global audience - (Skype "WorldBridges")
    • Monday, May 1: Describing - Descriptive Reports - Start your videoblog / Make a movie - (Role play)
    • Tuesday, May 2: Subscribe to one or two global podcasts - Use iTunes - iPods (Optional) Listen in - Take notes - Write a compliment letter to your favorite podcaster
    • Wednesday, May 3: Telephone Voice Message - (Pronunciation) - Leave a voice message through an answering-machine, (we will use my ODEO) - (Role play)
    • Thursday, May 4: Writing effective Advertisement Message - (Expressions - Grammar) - Writing effective advertising messages - Making Brochures / Producing Advertisements using -Movie Maker / Digital Photostory 3 (Role play)

Week Four - May 6-11 - Guest Speaker(s): (TBA)

  • Session #4 - Writing Summary Reports for Group Presentations
    • Saturday, May 6: Working and writing in groups - Collaborative writing - Techniques - (Technology: Wiki - QuickTopic - Whitesmoke)
    • Sunday, May 7: Plan, Organize, Outline the information you collected, based on your topic selected in Week 1
    • Monday, May 8 : Group Reports: (First Draft) - Proofreading - Techniques - (Grammar)
    • Tuesday, May 9: Organizing, managing effective group-work - Hints - Techniques
    • Wednesday May 10: Use interviews , search engines, like to tap more information Techniques - (Grammar)
    • Thursday, May 11: Utilize and organize your own resources collected through or stored in your Web Tools, like, blogs / e-Notebooks, e-Calendars, ODEO channels - Learn how to manage time and information to use for your final group-projects

Week Five - May 13-18 - Guest Speaker(s): (TBA)

  • Session #5 - Making Group-Presentations & Selecting Mode of Delivery
    • Saturday, May 13: Writing and sending invitation email - Group Reports: (Final Draft) - Content - Proofreading - Techniques (Technology: Using WhiteSmoke)
    • Sunday, May 14: Outline - Structure - Design templates for your final presentations - Design effective slides, graphs, and visuals for your presentations - Be creative - Integrate links / audio / video in your presentations -Techniques, Technology, (More on PowerPoint)
    • Monday, May 15: Put Your Heads Together - Decide on a strategy to deliver your 30 minutes presentations - Modes of Presentation: Face-to-Face / Online / Multiple Venue, (MVP) - Techniques and Tips! (time and people management - Handling technology)
    • Tuesday, May 16: Rehearse your part with your group members - Mode: MVP - Oral Skills- Common Sense Skills: What works and what doesn't work?
    • Wednesday, May 17: Rehearsal (1) Groups 1 & 2
    • Thursday, May 18: Rehearsal (1) Groups 3 & 4

Week Six - May 20-25 - Guest Speaker(s): (TBA)
  • Session #6 - Delivering Final Group Multiple Venue Presentations, (MVP)
    • Saturday, May 20: MVPresentation by Groups 1& 2 - (Peer Evaluation: Groups 3 & 4 use evaluation forms to provide constructive feedback to Groups 1& 2)
    • Sunday, May 21: MVPresentation b Groups 3 & 4 (Peer Evaluation: Groups 1 & 2 use evaluation forms to provide constructive feedback to Groups 3 & 4)
    • Monday, May 22: Trainer and Program Evaluation / Survey,( face-to-face and online)
    • Tuesday, May 23: Open group discussions on the social software integrated in this program and other topics selected by the participants
    • Wednesday, May 24: TBA
    • Thursday, May 25: TBA

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