Spring 2003_090 (last updated Spring 2004)

Instructor: Buthaina Al Othman

Integrating Copmuter & Language Skills

Voice & Text Chat Activity

"An On-line Job Interview"


  1. In pairs, students will role play.
  2. Student (A) will play the interviewer, who is a representative of a well know company or firm and in charge of recruiting new employees.
  3. Student (B) is going to play the applicant or candidate for the new job.
  4. Both students (A) & (B) are going to decide the kind of company and the new job requirements.They will also pretend that they are in two different countries.(One is in Kuwait and the other one is in the U.S, for example).
  5. Student (B) should prepare a Resume or CV. Click Resume Tutor, to have an idea about a Resume form and content or click Article 3, Jobs: Waiter/Actor, and do Assigment 6.
  6. Student (A) has to prepare some questions for the interview.The questions must be related to the job description.(Remember,you are to choose clever and hard worker people, so your questions have got to be intellegent.(Click the grammar page to practice question formation, in the future time).
  7. When you are both ready, click to download Yahoo Messenger.
  8. Student (A) will click invite and then click conference room, at Yahoo Messenger, (YM).
  9. Student (A) adds student (B) YM ID or YM email address and then click add.
  10. Students (A) and (B) starts the voice conversation, to practice performing the interview.
  11. When you feel you are ready to record the interview, click to learn how to record your voice online.
  12. Save your voice/sound file on your floppy disks and submit it to your instructor, Ms. Buthaina.
  • To learn new useful words to prepare for the interview, check out the vocabulary list of Unit 2, in your Work book.

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