Fall 2002_090 (updated Spring 2003)

Buthaina Al-Othman

(last updated October 19, 2003)

Unit 2- NS: Telecommuting

Activity 1: (Voice-Text Chat Activity-1-hour)

Activity 2: (Reading Activity-1-hour)

  1. Choose to read ONE of the following articles:

    Article 1: The Founders of Yahoo!.

    Article 2: Bill Gates.

    Article 3: Jobs: Waiter/Actor.

  1. Take notes while reading, using the concept of the 5Ws.
  2. Use an on-line dicitionary to find the meaning of new words.
  3. Outline your notes using the Standard Academic Paragraph Outlining Form.
  4. Combine your notes to write a short summary paragraph, using WP.
  5. Remember to avoid adding irrelevant information. This means Get to the Point!
  6. Publish your paragraph on your Blog. (You can copy your paragraph and then paste it on a new entry on your blog).

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