Fall 2003

Instructor: Buthaina Al Othman

090 Web-based Final Project

Class On-Line Magazine!

  1. What is an online magazine? (See examples of Online Magazines by International students).

    It is like any other magazaine except that this one is published online, so that the whole world can view and read your articles and work.

  2. How can I start my online magazine?

    First, you should choose a topic for your magazine.That is, what kind of magazine do you want to create? It can be Scientific , Social, About Countries, Sport, Music, Movies, Cars, or food & Cooking magazine..etc...

  3. Use Search engines to help you find information about your topic.
  4. Create a Weblog
  5. How many sections should it include?

    Second, you need to divide it into sections.You are free to decide the number of sections you want to create, however, make sure to include the following basic sections:(Tip: draw a map or layout to design your online magazine)

    • Who Are We? (A short self- introduction paragraph, including personal information, such as, name, age, college grade, major, hobbies, or favorite food and places).
    • Articles. (In this section,you can add some of your corrected writing assignments, you like mostly, or an article you wrote and want to share with the world).
    • Feedback. (An evaluation report,that is your opinion on this final project, including advanatages and disadvantages.See some examples).
    • Links. (Your favorite websites that are related to the topic of your magazine).

4. How can I publish my online magazine?

Finally,create a Weblog or a Website to publish your on-line magazine.

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