Week 4

Summary Writing & Publishing a Final Draft

Date & time: September 5 - 9, 2004 (7:00 - 8:30 GMT)
  • During this week we are going to practice summary writing, using the concept of the 5Ws.
  • You are going to summaraize the material you have saved and published on your blog.
  • Then we need to write an intorduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs for the essay or your short research paper.
  • Type your 4-paragraph essay on a Word document, and then copy and paste it on a new post on your blog, so that I can read it and post you my comments.
  • Then, you will be orgainzed in pairs to start the peer review. Go to Peer Review Handout to print out a copy so that it is easier for you to write your comments before you post it to a blog of one of your virtual classmate.

Note: Please try to post constructive comments to encourage and support your virtual colleague.

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