Week 5

Writing References, Peer Review, & Presentations

Date & time: September 12 - 16, 2004 (18:00 - 19:30 GMT)

During this week we are going to learn how to list or write references used in your final research paper. There are two systems that are usually used for this purpose, MLA and APA systems. I recommend the APA style, since it is the one mostly used in American academic institutes. Also, you need to choose a method to present your work. You could present using WebPages, PowerPoint-files, or a Photoblog.

To Create a photoblog, using buzznet.com, follow these steps:
    • Step 1:
    Choose a topic that is the most interesting for you from those we have discussed, during this EfS 162 course, or any other topic that you prefer.
    • Step 2:

    Use your imagination and think of a theme for a feature story or a science fiction one, where you need lots of photos to help you express your thoughts and illustrate the theme.

    • Step 3:
    Go to goolge.com or any search engine you prefer to collect images that can help you explain your stroy. (If you prefer to use your own digital images, using your mobile phone, a digital camera or a web cam, go ahead. This must be more fun).
    • Step 4:
    Create a folder on your pc to save the iamges.
    • Step 5:
    Go to buzznet.com to sign up for an account.
    Read and follow the instructions, given there that should help you create your photo buzznet account, and then upload and publish your buzznet photoblog. Don't forget to post short paragraphs of your story with each image.
    • Step 6:
      Send me an email message including the URL of your buzznet photoblog.
    • Step 7: (Having Fun learning English)
      If you are in a hurry, you could record your message using Sound Recording that is available on your pc. Then, save the voice file, remember to name and then upload it to the Files section on our EFI yahoo! group.

Note: Make sure you pronounce your name and URL clearly.

Have Fun & Good Luck!

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