Professional Achievments (2002 - 2005)

International On-Line & Face-to-Face Presentations & Collaborative Work with the Webheads

"Creating WebPages: Why & How?"

Online Presentation for the TESOL EVOnline 2005 BaW session

by Buthaina al-Othman - Feb 2, 2005


TESOL EVOnline 2005 Session

"Making the Transition from ESL to ESP"

Moderated by Christine Parkhurst, (USA) and Buthaina Al Othman, (Kuwait)

Monday, January 17 - Sunday, February 27, 2005


"Teaching English as a World Language in the Information Age"
Minsk State Linguistics University - Minsk, Belarus
BelNATE Online Workshop - November 3-5, 2004
The recordings of sessions by Webheads can be found at:

  • "Teaching Writing Online" (Nov. 3, 2004)
    Lead by, Dr. Elizabeth Hanson-Smith,
    Co-Presenters: Aiden Yeh and Buthaina al-Othman
    Buthaina's PowerPoint Presentation:
    "Various OnLine Collaborative Tools for Student-Writing Projects" - (pps)
  • "We Blog! What about you?" (Nov.4, 2004)
    Lead by, Barbra Dieu - Co-Presenters: Teresa Almeda and Buthaina Al-Othman
    A WebPage showing some participants and URLs of their blogs: Blogs Workshop , (created by Buthaina, during the workshop)
Co-Presenter with Dr. Elizabeth Hanson-Smith at the First International Online Conference on Second and Foreign Language Teaching and Research, sponsored by the Reading Matrix online journal:

Tools for Online Collaboration ( Slides-ppt | Paper) - September 25-26, 2004

Guest-Presenter at a Multiple Venue Presentation by Teresa Almeida d'Eça:

"Building Online Communities for Professional Development"

at the 18th APPI Conference - (April 29, 2004)

TESOL 2004 Buthaina's On-Site Presentation, Long Beach, California, USA Wednesday, March 31 , at 8:30-9:30 am

The ELFellows Conference, at the Nile Hilton, Cairo, Jan 20, 2004

  • Vance Stevens's Presentation:

IT in Context in the Middle East

  • Guest Presenter, Buthaina Al Othman's Presentation:

Using IT in ESP, at Kuwait University

TESOL 2003

Webheads Participate Physically and Virtually in TESOL Convention 2003, in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, Wednesday, March 26, 14:30 - 16:30 GMT



Lead by Vance Stevens

Buthaina Al Othman's On-line Presentation:

How Participation in a CoP Informs and Influences Personal Teaching?

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