Fall 2002_090 (updated Spring 2003)

Buthaina Al-Othman

(last updated October 19, 2003)

Unit 2- NS: Telecommuting

Activity 1: (Voice-Text Chat Activity-1-hour)

Activity 2: (Reading Activity-1-hour)

  1. Choose to read ONE of the following articles:

    Article 1: The Founders of Yahoo!.

    Article 2: Bill Gates.

    Article 3: Jobs: Waiter/Actor.

  1. Take notes while reading, using the handout of the 5Ws, at the Graphic Orgainzers by the Write Site.
  2. Use an on-line dicitionary to find the meaning of new words.
  3. Outline your notes using a table or Standard Academic Paragraph Outlining Form.
  4. Combine your notes to write a short summary paragraph, using WP.
  5. Remember to avoid adding irrelevant information. This means Get to the Point! (source: Write Site).
  6. Publish your paragraph on your Blog.

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