Webheads' Presentations & other Activities at TESOL 2004

Long Beach, California, USA

Tuesday, March 30 to Saturday, April 3, 2004

(Left to right) Webheads Gary, Dustin, Chris, Vance, Elizabeth, Buthaina, and in the front Teresa to the left and Aiden to the right smiling to the camera at the end of the 6-hour PCI session, on Tuesday 30, 2004.
Vance, about to begin the PCI session, and standing behind him, from the left, his son Dusty, a future Webhead in Action, and Jill, a great assistant from CALL-IS.
A group of participants at the PCI session listening to Vance and look very interested.

Eric Farber, a PCI participant, standing in the middle and asking some questions during Vance's discussion time, while Gary our new colleague at Webheads' CoP, to the left side, and Richard from RELO , to the right, following the discussion.

Aiden answering some questions from the audience at the end of her presentation, and Vance directing his web cam towards the audience to take some photo shots on his screen.
Chris, presenting her part.

Elizabeth, during her part, helping participants whom she divided into frour groups to run four live text-chat sessions.

The participants busy creating their blogs, which you could check out at Vance's PCI portal page.

Check out who came, later!! Teresa joined the PCI session when this photo of her and Aiden, to the right, was taken.Teresa added a lot to the fun we were having at TESOL 2004.

Srisucha, from TESOL.org and a Webhaeds' supporter was there, too!

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