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Creating Online Extension for an ESP in EFL: Why and How?

Presentation at the 39th Annual TESOL Convention, San Antonio, Texas, US Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Buthaina Al Othman

Kuwait University
e-mail: buthaina_3 at yahoo.com

Target Audience: ESL/EFL teachers interested in implementing IT and in using project-based approach in their classrooms.

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This presentation demonstrates one way of designing and creating an online extension for EFL students enrolled in a required, credited ESP, Science English course taught in the English Language Unit of the College of Science at Kuwait University. The main objective is to help students improve their academic writing through the practice of online writing and reading with critical thinking in order to be able to write and present a required final term paper by the end of the semester. For this purpose a six-week online extension, including weekly reading and writing activities with topics, based on the course required textbook and other material, was designed, and published on the class instructor's website. Several web-projects were also designed and assigned, to measure students' learning of required writing and reading skills and techniques, through the use of various free asynchronous Internet and Non-Internet Communication Technologies, (ICTs), including Yahoo!Groups, Blogger.com, Buzznet.com, WebPages, PowerPoint files, MS sound recorder, and SMS, (Short Messages Service) via mobile phones

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