Kuwait University - ELU / Science _Spring 2004
Instructor: Buthaina Al Othman

Students' Tex-Voice Web-based Project:

"Writing & Recording TV Commercials"


Studnet Name
Eman, Dalal, Amna, & Ebtesam
Maryam, Hala, Muna, and Fatma
Bashayer, Fatma, Zainab, and Anoud
Muneera, Badreya, and Amna
Favorite Product



Transcript 1

Transcript 2
Transcript 3
Transcript 4

audio-file 1

audio-file 2
audio-file 3
audio-file 4

Main Activity: (Role Play)

    1. Each group will choose a tanscript on their favorite product from this site TV Commercial Transcripts *.
    2. Members of each group will role-play or act the characters included in the commercial transcript they have chosen.
    3. Each group should agree on a day and time to meet at the computer-lab, (c-lab), to record the commercial with their voices.
    4. Each group needs to use one computer, only, to record a sound or an audio file.
    5. To record your voices, use the built in sound recorder installed in any computer at the c-lab.
    6. To learn how to record your voice, using the sound recorder built in a computer, please click on this step by step instructions: Recording your voice!
    7. Each group leader will take the responsibility of SAVING the audio or sound-file with your voices on a floppy disk.
    8. Then a group-leader needs to upload the saved audio-file to the Files section listed on the left hand side at our 090s59 Yahoo Group site.
    9. Finally, each group-member posts an evaluation or a feedback message on this text-voice project to our 090s59 Yahoo Group site. You need to tell us how did you like or find this text-voice chat activity. (Hint: Was it useful or not? How?).
    10. Deadline for this activity is on Wednesday, March 10, 2004.
    11. If you need help or to ask a question, please contact, using my Yahoo email, or post your question to our Yahoo group.

*Source: The Television Transcript Project, at URL: <http://www.geocities.com/tvtranscripts/index.htm>

(Created on Feb 26, 2004 - last update: April 18,2004)

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