Kuwait Uinversity - ELU/Science
English 090
Instructor: Buthaina Al Othman

North Star-Unit 1
"Advertising All Over the World"

  • Things we are going to learn during this week:
    • How to create a weblog to post and publish writing assignments.
    • How to write a self-introduction paragraph.
    • How to create a SkyPe account to communicate using voice online.
    • How to skimm a reading passage to find main ideas.
    • How to use the new grammatical items to cummunicate in English!
Activity 1: (Creating a blog for writing & reading assignments)
  1. Waht is a weblog?
  2. Create your weblog at Blogger.com, (This is a hands-on actitivity that we'll do together at the c-lab).
  3. Write a short self-introduction paragraph. (Use the concept of the 5Ws: Who? What? Where? When? Why? to finish quickly).
  4. Use the new grammatical items we learned during this week, including: Articles | Present & Past Tenses | Used to

Activity 2: (Listening & Writing from notes)

  • Listen to the interview with "Tiffany", a new Polish Star, at Worldbridges LiveWire!
  • Take notes while you're listening to the intrview.
  • Write a short paragraph from your notes about the new Polish Star.
  • Add one sentence at the end about your own wish or dream in life.
  • Read another student's paragraph published on his/her blog, and then write and post your comment.

Activity 3:

  • Click Culture Shock to read the article, and then do the skimming exercise.

Activity 4: (HomeWork)

What is an idiom? Why some English idioms make no sense in Arabic and vice versa?
Fun links: (Try the following at home or at an Internet Cafe with your friends just for FUN)

Go to Vanila Coke...Click on Watch the TV commercial ...and then, create your comic.

Then order food online at: http://www.6alabat.com , :-)

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