Kuwait University - Fall 2004
ELU of Science
EfS 162, Section 53


  • The main goal of this questionnaire is to help your instructor improve online and in-class materials she designs to help students study and learn better
  • Please answer the following questions providing clear feedback and comments. Post your answers to Science English 162 Teacher's blog
Were the objectives and procedures of the final project clear?
Q 2
Were the weekly Internet activities difficult / medium / easy? Please indicate which one was the most difficult for you and why?
Q 3
Which activity, whether online or in-class, was the most or the least inetersting for you? Why?
Q 4 Do you think using a Yahoo! Group for our communication outside the classroom, was a good idea? Why?
Q 5
How did you like creating and using group-weblogs for your final project during this class? Do you think your blog has made your work easier and faster or not? Please explain?
Q 6
Academic Encounters is the text book for the new English 162 program. How did you like it? Do you think it has helped you or could help you in your other science courses? Explain please?
Q 7
Is this your first time using PowerPoint program? Have you learned new presentation skills? Explain?
Q 8
During this Fall 2004 we were unable to use a computer lab to do some Internet activities. Do you think this was one of the reasons you were unable to complete some activities from your home? Explain?
Q 9
Do you think this English 162 helped you improve your English? How? Please specify which one of these language skills has improved: writing / speaking / reading / listening.
What would you like to see added / modified / deleted from the ONline Extension your teacher designed to help you study? Why?

Appreciate your cooperation and I wish you all the best.

Thank you,

Science English 162/53 Instructor: Buthaina al-Othman

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