Kuwait University

Fall 2003_090

Instructor: Buthaina Al Othman

c) Text & Voice Chat Activity

  • Role Play, using text or/ and voice chat, in pairs or triads:
    1. Choose a topic that you like, and then you and your partner/s create a dialogue on a situation similar to the one you heard.
    2. Use some of the new words and expressions to help you write your transcript.
    3. After your transcript is corrected, you and your partner/s practice saying it without looking at the transcript.
    4. When you feel you are ready, go to Yahoo Messenger and chat with your partner/ group members, acting or role playing the characters in the transcript.
    5. Copy and paste the chat log on an email message and send it to Teacher Buthaina.
    6. Or Record the conversation, using the built in sound recorder in your pc. Click on Step by step instructions to record your voice.
    7. Send the sound file to me, using attachment via an e-mail message.(I will show you how to do the recording inside the C-Lab).
    8. If we run out of time, continue the chat activity later at the c-lab or at your home if you have a pc.

To read and to listen to the conversation again, click here.