How Participation in a Community of Practice Informs and Influences Personal Teaching?


Things I learned from & with WiA, (January 2002 - March 2003)

  1. How to convert a ppt.file to htm/html for Grammar Presentations.
  2. How to use educational softwares, such as, hotpotatoes.
  3. How to create and use a Groupboard for my students.
  4. How to use YahooMessenger effe ctively with students. (Learned also about whether to correct Chatlogs or not!)
  5. How to use a Webcam and create a web album.
  6. How to create and create a Blog for myself: "My Ongoing Learning Process".
  7. How to create and use a Blog with my students: My first Teacher-Student Blog
  8. How to create and use or moderate a Yahoo Group for my students:
    My first Teacher/student-student YGroup: "161Creative Science Students".
  9. Wimba Voice Direct (Enjoyed the experience and intend to use it with my students as soon as it is available to the world).
  10. How these skills helped me practice and find ways to implement my favorite teaching philosophies and approaches:
    1. Students' Work Assessment Per-Semester.
    2. Assessment/Rubric.
    3. 090 CALL Project Assessment Page!
    4. 161 CALL Project Assemssment Page.
  11. How to publish an emils message (Vance's message!)
  12. Nunan's Message
  13. To be continued! (This is an ongoing learning experience, I don't know when it ends!)

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