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A Review on another CMC Tool, by Webhead in Action, Buthaina Al Othman, from Kuwait

Exploring a New Webcasting Tool: A Virtual Classroom by Elluminate

  • The vClass of Elluminate is an excellent CMC tool that allows synchronous communication, including chat, voice, and presentation. This tool has several advantages for e-learners / e-teachers. It is simple and easy to use, integrating the four (4) skills of writing, reading, listening and speaking. It has four (4) boxes for the use of particpants, including a box showing names of participants, a text-chat box, a voice box to allow participation using voice, (audio-box), and finally a White Board to write, present PPt-slides, or show MS Word- files. The boxes are magnetized to allow a user to move or organize them in the required order or layout.

  • To get maximum benefit from using this Computer Mediated Communication, (CMC) tool, users should have speakers or headsets; a microphone is required to participate using the audio-box to talk.It is recommended that participants do the download at least 30 minutes prior to the start, if it's the first virtual session a participant plan to attend.

  • The first time I learned about the vClass of Elluminate was at Learning, while I was checking the message board of our list lead by Webhead in Action, Michael Coghlan.

  • Later, I visited the vClass where I met an Elluminate representative, Tamara. At that point, I had some technical trouble with my michrophne and couldn't continue the orientation tour.

  • A few weeks later, Webhead in Action, Susanne Nyrope, and I agreed to meet at the new tool to explore it. We have experimented with many of the available features, including a box showing names of speakers or participants, a text-chat box, a voice box and a white board. (Please, see the screen shot, below, where our, (Susannae and I), images are shown on the white board). To upload an image from your pc to the white baord, you need to click one of the icons on the left side of the white baord that looks like a picture album, where other tools like a pencil to write or draw and an eraser are avilable, too. At that point, susanne and I were trying to figure out how to save our chat log and how to show a file saved on our pcs.


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