Week 4

Session #4: May 7- 10

Not Completed

Note: Due to connectivity problems in Second Cup Cafe the rest of Week 4 sessions from Monday to Thursday were held live online through Elluminate Gulf Bank virtual Meeting Room

Sunday, May 7 - Listening, Speaking & Writing Activities - Guest-Speakers


Warm Up Activity (30 minutes)

  • Introducing Gulf Bank Proactive-Business English Podcasting & Writing Website
    • Go to Gulf Bank ProActive English at http://www.proactive-english.com/Buth (Buthaina will provide your usernames and passowrds)
    • Complete the registeration process
    • Complete Performance Activity selected by your trainer (if time permits)

Main Activity A (1 hour)

  • Select with your group which recorded event or topic you prefer to watch
  • View the recording of a presentation
  • Take notes while you are listening
  • Write a summary report on the presentation you viewed

Main Activity B (1 hour)

  • Wiki: Join and play!
  • Go to Gulf Bank Blend Out Wiki
  • Sign up using the password provided by Buthaina
  • Write your part of the final collaborative group-report
Monday, May 8 - Live Online Session # 7- Guest Speaker, Dave Winet
Tuesday, May 9 - Live Online Session # 8

Go to Elluminate Gulf Bank virtual Session #8 - Recording

Wednesday, May 10 - Live Online Session # 9

Go to Elluminate Gulf Bank virtual Session #9 - Recording

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