Making the Transition from ESL to ESP

A Six-Week Session - TESOL EVONLINE 2005 - Jan 17-Feb 26

Meet the Moderators

Christine Parkhurst has been teaching ESP/ Health Communication at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences since 1980. The students at MCPHS are all health science majors in eight different degree programs, including Pharmacy, Physician Assistant and Nursing majors. She has a Maitrise in Applied Linguistics from Universite de Nice (France,) where she taught English and Science majors for five years in the 1970's. The experience of getting a Maitrise in Linguistics in French made her permanently sympathetic to students trying to do graduate work in another language. Teaching Science majors at Universite de Nice introduced her to ESP/ English for Science and Technology.
Currently she collaborates with health science colleagues at MCPHS and has published on Pharmacy education topics. She has been Chair of the Liberal Arts Interest Section of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, and this year she's on the board of TESOL's ESP IS. Her main interest in EFL/ESL/ESP is oral communication for health professionals, and topics such as oral assessment and oral skills curriculum design for health professionals. The questions she and her colleagues are working on are these: how can threshold levels of oral proficiency for students in the health professions be defined and assessed? What kind of curriculum can best help students achieve those levels?


Buthaina Al-Othman teaches EFL and ESP in the Faculty of Science, at Kuwait University. She has been using a blended teaching and learning approach, in her ESP/English for Science and EFL Remedial classes since she started her teaching career in Spring 2001. She completed her master's degree in Teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages, (TESOL) from the State University of New York, (SUNY), Albany, since 2000.
She has been on the Executive Board Representatives of TESOL's ESP IS, since 2004. Buthaina is also a Webhead in action since she has joined the online communities of practice when it was first founded, during the TESOL EVOnline session, "Webheads Community", in January 2002.

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