EFL VS ESL: How Can Collaborative CMC Tools Bridge the Gap?

Students' Web-based Voice / Text-Chat Projects

Using Free of Charge Synchronous Computer Mediated Communication, CMC Tools

Synch. CMC Tools
How I use it for Students?
Student Feedback
How I use it with Colleagues?

EfS 162 Students' online Presentations

Ss Feedback
Webheads' Presentations

A Student-Teacher Free topic-Chat Activity (My English 090 students chat with Webhead Susan Nyrope)


EfS 161 Groupboard (student-student chat)

EfS 162 Groupboards (student-student chat on their final project)
Yahoo! Messenger

"Telecommuting", a Text-Chat Activity

(Webhead teachers chat with my English 090 students)

English 090 CALL Session
Webheads' demosession, by Vance Stevens,(Cairo Jan 2004)
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Webheads' vMeeting Room & Virtual Offices
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