EFL VS ESL: How Can Collaborative CMC Tools Bridge the Gap?

Student-Teacher Web-based Collaborative Projects

Using Free Asynchronous Computer Mediated Communication, CMC Tools available for all users of the Net

Asynch. CMC Tools
How I use it for Students?
Students Feedback
How I use it with Colleagues?
Yahoo Groups
EfS 161 YG (Male)

Webheads' CoP

EfS 162s53 YG (Female)
Students' Feedback
Academic Writing
Audio / Video CALL Lessons
Students' Feedback
Real English Online
EfS 162s04 YG (Male)


English 162/53 Group-Blogs (Fall 2004-Female) NEW!

English 090/18 Student-Assignments' blogs (Fall 2004-Male) NEW!

Inviting Webhead Rinata to Post Comments to Students' blogs

090 Students' Homework blog (Fall 2003-Male)

Students' Feedback

EfS 162s53 Peer Review blog (Summer 2004-Female)
EfS 162s53 Students' Assignments' blogs
(Summer 2004-Female)

Students' Feedback
EfS 162s4 E-Notebooks (Male) Students' feedback
EfS 162s53 Students' Thematic Photoblogs
English 090/18 Students' Personal Photoblogs
Discussion Forum
EfS 162s4 students' discussion forum (Male)
Inviting Webhead Karen to discuss students' outlines and ideas for their final research papers
Learning Times
Students' Voice Messages
Students' Feedback (available at LTs message board)
Webheads' Meeting Room
Sound Recorder
EfS 162 Summer 04 Week 6
Studnets' Websites / ePortfolios

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